Long ago, before anything could remember to record the passage of time, the great celestial dragons soared through heavens. The Dragon Luminous would spread its wings, and the world would fill with golden light. The Dragon Abyssal would soar and leave all in the blackest dark. Night and day fought and spiraled through the heavens until they spied the land of Lanessia, bountiful below them. Weary from timeless battle, they sought to land and rest, but each could not bear to let the other have respite. Just as the Dragon Luminous would alight on the horizon, Dragon Abyssal would come to chase it away. And right when Abyssal would stretch its dark wings to sleep, Luminous would come rushing back to send it off. Brightest day and darkest night seethed over Lanessia and plunged it into choas. The land roiled, life froze and then burned, and the water was tossed this way and that. The great celestial dragons looked at the havoc they’d wrought, and wept. They destroyed the very land they’d come to cherish. Looking at the land and each other, they embraced, for the first time, not in anger, but with sadness and shame, and eventually love.

The great celestial dragons mellowed and mingled. Dragon Abyssal became speckled with starlight, and Dragon Luminous dimmed blue, both their visages wrinkling into clouds. With peace came wisdom, and the knowledge they could set never set foot on the ground. Their fate would forever be in the heavens, but, they hoped, that it would not have to be the fate of their children. Their progeny could enjoy bountiful Lanessia in their steads, and they would always be able to watch their children frolic below. Abyssal and Luminous stretched a rainbow between themselves, and pulled out five eggs: one blue, one red, one green, one black, and one white. They nestled and snuggled their children till they were ready to hatch, and sent them to Lanessia to be born.
The chromatic dragons hatched and spread their wings. Taking flight, they soared through air, caressing their mothers and taking in the beauty of Lanessia. They decended on the land to enjoy its riches, and did so without restraint. They were greedy, ravenous, and ferocious; entitled. They were dragons, children of the heavens, and Lanessia would offer everything up to their appetites. The land became awash with ruin, carrion, and blood. The great celestial dragons wept. Dragon Luminous howled frigid winds and cried fierce snow; Dragon Abyssal wailed thunder, hurling lightning amidst its tears. Again they had inadvertently destroyed Lanessia, again they had to find wisdom.
They decided to send children down, this time pure and virtuous, who could show their chromatic offspring the error of their ways. Searching the heavens, they plucked the best examples of celestial metals: bronze, copper, brass, silver, and gold. With love, they made them each into eggs, and struck them with the chords of virtue, and sang lullibies of the noble. The metallic dragons hatched and descended to Lanessia. They fought with the chromatic dragons, and tried to change their hearts, but it was to no avail. The chromatic dragons were too long set in their ways, and at best the metallic dragons could only fight them to a stalemate. But at least, the great celestial dragons said to themselves, there was harmony in the world. Metallic versus Chromatic, caught in an endless feud, as once Abyssal and Luminous were, there was equilibrium below as above. And so the great celestial dragons slept.
And this is were our history begins, because, while there was harmony in Lanessia, it was not a harmony of peace. The war of the dragons continued to take a terrible toll on the land, and the people of the land grew weary of their struggle, angry at their plight. There arose one man, a prince, whose parents were slain in the feud. He looked upon the bodies of his family, and the ruins of the kingdom he was suppose to inherit, and he swore to end every dragon before his coronation. Whether through luck, or sorcery, or steel, he carved out the hearts of each of the ten and set them in a crown. The hearts became the new wellspring of magic, and he became the king of kings, uniting the land under one rule. His name was Lanessia, and he brought the first peace to the land, fulfilled the dream espied in the heavens so very long ago.
From this peace arose the Sage Eibon, unparalelled in the gift of magic. They were not content with merely peace for the kingdom of Lanessia, but wished prosperity for it as well. They combined and reformed the hearts into great tools of magic and civilization. They created Twilight to control night and day, Tempest to control the weather, Fehu the clockwork eternal, and the multi-headed dragons Bahumut and Tiamat to guard the tools and the realm. Eibon ushered in the era of Daimajou Teikoku, the grand magic kingdom, and civilization reached its zenith. But Eibons’ works couldn’t survive without Eibons’ wisdom, and, after their death, disrepair and war took hold. Tempest fell out sync with Twilight. Fehu was used to power a huge colossus of war. When Tiamat wasn’t fighting with Bahamut, they were being used by the ambitous for rule. The land was re-written, and again awash with ruin, carrion, and blood.
Amidst the war and stagnation, the great tools were inevitably dissolved. The hearts were returned to their original ten; the knowledge to sustain their unions hidden or lost. Centuries later, the elven family of Titannia collected them as they consoladated power, reconquering the land of Lanessia into one kingdom. And so, the second peace has lasted for a thousand years. However, that time may too be coming to a close. This year, both the king and queen have died mysteriously. Princess Himeka is old enough to take the throne, but the dragon hearts have disappeared without a trace, leaving her family’s legitamacy in question. Additionally, the children of the ten, lesser dragons, drakes, and wyverns, have started acting up, and ancient ruins, thought long ago plundered, have become deadly places to explore.
The princess has set bounties for the recovery of the hearts before her coronation, while she struggles against the dissolution of her kingdom. Additionally, there are rumors the Church of Scales seeks to recover the hearts themselves, to resurrect the ancient and powerful ten, while at the same time the Cabal of Sorcery is surely after them for research and maybe to recreate Eibons’ tools. One thing is for certain: it will take luck, sorcery, and steel to survive the coming of a new era in Lanessia.